Yariv Wine, PhD.

I graduated from Tel Aviv University in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology at the Faculty of Life Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Amihay Freeman and Prof Felix Frolow, where using structural biology, protein chemistry, computerized modeling and molecular biology tools, I studied various aspects of protein-protein interactions for the design of novel composite materials within the nano-biotechnology field.I demonstrated these capabilities to manipulate the porosity of protein crystals as potential bio-template for the preparation of novel composite materials as well as analysis of the inter/intramolecular interactions of protein molecules embedded within the crystal lattice.During my postdoctoral training at the laboratory of Prof. George Georgiou, I focused on developing a novel approach for the in-depth analysis of humoral responses of the adaptive immune system. The methodology provides a high throughput antibody discovery platform as well as a toolkit enabling the in-depth profiling of the adaptive immune system in healthy or diseased states. This unprecedented analysis of the adaptive immune system should help answer basic scientific questions concerning the development of the humoral immune response to disease or to vaccination and expands translational science in providing essential guidelines to develop therapeutic antibodies and design new vaccines.