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Yael Dror, Ms.c.

Yael works as a laboratory manager and a senior research assistant in Dr. Wine Yariv’s Lab. Main Project: Immune response to Cancer. Yael joined our group in Oct. 2015, after more than 30 years (1984-2015) working as a senior research assistant and laboratory manager, in Prof. Freeman Amihay's Lab - The Department of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, Tel-Aviv University. Main projects: Methods and compositions for treating fungal infections; Protein chemistry - Development of biologically active proteins with reduced immunogenicity; and Bioprocessing: biotransformation and biosynthesis carried out by immobilized viable cells.

Before that (1980-1984) Yael worked as a research assistant, in Prof. Shaltiel Samuel's group, at the Department of Immunology and Biological Regulation - Weitzman Institute of Science, Rehovot. Yael has more than 17 publications and 2 patents.

Yael earned her B.Sc. in Life Sciences from Tel-Aviv University, and her M.Sc. in Basic Medicine Science & Endocrinology, from The Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem - The Department of Pharmacology. Thesis subject: “Receptors for human prolactin in human breast cancer tissues, and their relation with estrogen and progesterone receptors”, under the supervision of Prof. Ben-David Menashe.

Yael also holds a Teacher's certificate in Life Science and Biology, from The Hebrew University, Jerusalem and Rehovot.

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